Source code for deltachat.message

"""The Message object."""

import json
import os
import re
from datetime import datetime, timezone
from typing import Optional, Union

from . import const, props
from .capi import ffi, lib
from .cutil import as_dc_charpointer, from_dc_charpointer, from_optional_dc_charpointer
from .reactions import Reactions

[docs] class Message: """Message object. You obtain instances of it through :class:`deltachat.account.Account` or :class:``. """ def __init__(self, account, dc_msg) -> None: self.account = account assert isinstance(self.account._dc_context, ffi.CData) assert isinstance(dc_msg, ffi.CData) assert dc_msg != ffi.NULL self._dc_msg = dc_msg msg_id = assert msg_id is not None and msg_id >= 0, repr(msg_id) def __eq__(self, other) -> bool: if other is None: return False return self.account == other.account and == def __repr__(self) -> str: c = self.get_sender_contact() typ = "outgoing" if self.is_outgoing() else "incoming" return ( f"<Message {typ} sys={self.is_system_message()} {repr(self.text[:100])} " f"id={} sender={}/{c.addr} chat={}/{}>" )
[docs] @classmethod def from_db(cls, account, id) -> Optional["Message"]: """Attempt to load the message from the database given its ID. None is returned if the message does not exist, i.e. deleted.""" assert id > 0 res = lib.dc_get_msg(account._dc_context, id) if res == ffi.NULL: return None return cls(account, ffi.gc(res, lib.dc_msg_unref))
[docs] @classmethod def new_empty(cls, account, view_type): """create a non-persistent message. :param view_type: the message type code or one of the strings: "text", "audio", "video", "file", "sticker", "videochat", "webxdc" """ view_type_code = view_type if isinstance(view_type, int) else get_viewtype_code_from_name(view_type) return Message( account, ffi.gc(lib.dc_msg_new(account._dc_context, view_type_code), lib.dc_msg_unref), )
[docs] def create_chat(self): """create or get an existing chat (group) object for this message. If the message is a contact request the sender will become an accepted contact. :returns: a :class:`` object. """ return
@props.with_doc def id(self): """id of this message.""" return lib.dc_msg_get_id(self._dc_msg) @props.with_doc def text(self) -> str: """unicode text of this messages (might be empty if not a text message).""" return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_text(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def set_text(self, text): """set text of this message.""" lib.dc_msg_set_text(self._dc_msg, as_dc_charpointer(text))
@props.with_doc def html(self) -> str: """html text of this messages (might be empty if not an html message).""" return from_optional_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_get_msg_html(self.account._dc_context, or ""
[docs] def has_html(self): """return True if this message has an html part, False otherwise.""" return lib.dc_msg_has_html(self._dc_msg)
[docs] def set_html(self, html_text): """set the html part of this message. It is possible to have text and html part at the same time. """ lib.dc_msg_set_html(self._dc_msg, as_dc_charpointer(html_text))
@props.with_doc def filename(self): """filename if there was an attachment, otherwise empty string.""" return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_file(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def set_file(self, path, mime_type=None): """set file for this message from path and mime_type.""" mtype = ffi.NULL if mime_type is None else as_dc_charpointer(mime_type) if not os.path.exists(path): raise ValueError(f"path does not exist: {path!r}") lib.dc_msg_set_file(self._dc_msg, as_dc_charpointer(path), mtype)
@props.with_doc def basename(self) -> str: """basename of the attachment if it exists, otherwise empty string.""" # FIXME, it does not return basename return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_filename(self._dc_msg)) @props.with_doc def filemime(self) -> str: """mime type of the file (if it exists).""" return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_filemime(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def get_status_updates(self, serial: int = 0) -> list: """Get the status updates of this webxdc message. The status updates may be sent by yourself or by other members. If this message doesn't have a webxdc instance, an empty list is returned. :param serial: The last known serial. Pass 0 if there are no known serials to receive all updates. """ return json.loads( from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_get_webxdc_status_updates(self.account._dc_context,, serial)), )
[docs] def send_status_update(self, json_data: Union[str, dict], description: str) -> bool: """Send an status update for the webxdc instance of this message. If the webxdc instance is a draft, the update is not sent immediately. Instead, the updates are collected and sent out in a batch when the instance is actually sent. :param json_data: program-readable data, the actual payload. :param description: The user-visible description of JSON data :returns: True on success, False otherwise """ if isinstance(json_data, dict): json_data = json.dumps(json_data, default=str) return bool( lib.dc_send_webxdc_status_update( self.account._dc_context,, as_dc_charpointer(json_data), as_dc_charpointer(description), ), )
[docs] def send_reaction(self, reaction: str): """Send a reaction to message and return the resulting Message instance.""" msg_id = lib.dc_send_reaction(self.account._dc_context,, as_dc_charpointer(reaction)) if msg_id == 0: raise ValueError("reaction could not be send") return Message.from_db(self.account, msg_id)
[docs] def get_reactions(self) -> Reactions: """Get :class:`deltachat.reactions.Reactions` to the message.""" return Reactions.from_msg(self)
[docs] def is_system_message(self): """return True if this message is a system/info message.""" return bool(lib.dc_msg_is_info(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def is_setup_message(self): """return True if this message is a setup message.""" return lib.dc_msg_is_setupmessage(self._dc_msg)
[docs] def get_setupcodebegin(self) -> str: """return the first characters of a setup code in a setup message.""" return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_setupcodebegin(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def is_encrypted(self): """return True if this message was encrypted.""" return bool(lib.dc_msg_get_showpadlock(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def is_bot(self): """return True if this message is submitted automatically.""" return bool(lib.dc_msg_is_bot(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def is_forwarded(self): """return True if this message was forwarded.""" return bool(lib.dc_msg_is_forwarded(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def get_message_info(self) -> str: """Return informational text for a single message. The text is multiline and may contain eg. the raw text of the message. """ return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_get_msg_info(self.account._dc_context,
[docs] def get_summarytext(self, width: int) -> str: """Get a message summary as a single line of text. Typically used for notifications.""" return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_summarytext(self._dc_msg, width))
[docs] def continue_key_transfer(self, setup_code): """extract key and use it as primary key for this account.""" res = lib.dc_continue_key_transfer(self.account._dc_context,, as_dc_charpointer(setup_code)) if res == 0: raise ValueError("could not decrypt")
@props.with_doc def time_sent(self): """UTC time when the message was sent. :returns: naive datetime.datetime() object. """ ts = lib.dc_msg_get_timestamp(self._dc_msg) return datetime.fromtimestamp(ts, timezone.utc) @props.with_doc def time_received(self): """UTC time when the message was received. :returns: naive datetime.datetime() object or None if message is an outgoing one. """ ts = lib.dc_msg_get_received_timestamp(self._dc_msg) if ts: return datetime.fromtimestamp(ts, timezone.utc) return None @props.with_doc def ephemeral_timer(self): """Ephemeral timer in seconds. :returns: timer in seconds or None if there is no timer """ timer = lib.dc_msg_get_ephemeral_timer(self._dc_msg) if timer: return timer return None @props.with_doc def ephemeral_timestamp(self): """UTC time when the message will be deleted. :returns: naive datetime.datetime() object or None if the timer is not started. """ ts = lib.dc_msg_get_ephemeral_timestamp(self._dc_msg) if ts: return datetime.fromtimestamp(ts, timezone.utc) @property def quoted_text(self) -> Optional[str]: """Text inside the quote. :returns: Quoted text """ return from_optional_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_quoted_text(self._dc_msg)) @property def quote(self): """Quote getter. :returns: Quoted message, if found in the database """ msg = lib.dc_msg_get_quoted_msg(self._dc_msg) if msg: return Message(self.account, ffi.gc(msg, lib.dc_msg_unref)) @quote.setter def quote(self, quoted_message): """Quote setter.""" lib.dc_msg_set_quote(self._dc_msg, quoted_message._dc_msg)
[docs] def force_plaintext(self) -> None: """Force the message to be sent in plain text.""" lib.dc_msg_force_plaintext(self._dc_msg)
[docs] def get_mime_headers(self): """return mime-header object for an incoming message. This only returns a non-None object if ``save_mime_headers`` config option was set and the message is incoming. :returns: email-mime message object (with headers only, no body). """ import email mime_headers = lib.dc_get_mime_headers(self.account._dc_context, if mime_headers: s = ffi.string(ffi.gc(mime_headers, lib.dc_str_unref)) if isinstance(s, bytes): return email.message_from_bytes(s) return email.message_from_string(s)
@property def error(self) -> Optional[str]: """Error message.""" return from_optional_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_error(self._dc_msg)) @property def chat(self): """chat this message was posted in. :returns: :class:`` object """ from .chat import Chat chat_id = lib.dc_msg_get_chat_id(self._dc_msg) return Chat(self.account, chat_id) @props.with_doc def override_sender_name(self) -> Optional[str]: """the name that should be shown over the message instead of the contact display name. Usually used to impersonate someone else. """ return from_optional_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_msg_get_override_sender_name(self._dc_msg))
[docs] def set_override_sender_name(self, name): """set different sender name for a message.""" lib.dc_msg_set_override_sender_name(self._dc_msg, as_dc_charpointer(name))
[docs] def get_sender_chat(self): """return the 1:1 chat with the sender of this message. :returns: :class:`` instance """ return self.get_sender_contact().get_chat()
[docs] def get_sender_contact(self): """return the contact of who wrote the message. :returns: :class:`` instance """ from .contact import Contact contact_id = lib.dc_msg_get_from_id(self._dc_msg) return Contact(self.account, contact_id)
[docs] def is_from_self(self): """Return true if the message is sent by self.""" contact_id = lib.dc_msg_get_from_id(self._dc_msg) return contact_id == const.DC_CONTACT_ID_SELF
[docs] def is_from_device(self): """Return true if the message is sent by the device.""" contact_id = lib.dc_msg_get_from_id(self._dc_msg) return contact_id == const.DC_CONTACT_ID_DEVICE
# # Message State query methods # @property def _msgstate(self): if == 0: dc_msg = self._dc_msg else: # load message from db to get a fresh/current state dc_msg = ffi.gc(lib.dc_get_msg(self.account._dc_context,, lib.dc_msg_unref) # Message could be trashed, use the cached object if so. if dc_msg == ffi.NULL: dc_msg = self._dc_msg return lib.dc_msg_get_state(dc_msg)
[docs] def is_in_fresh(self): """return True if Message is incoming fresh message (un-noticed). Fresh messages are not noticed nor seen and are typically shown in notifications. """ return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_IN_FRESH
[docs] def is_in_noticed(self): """Return True if Message is incoming and noticed. Eg. chat opened but message not yet read - noticed messages are not counted as unread but were not marked as read nor resulted in MDNs. """ return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_IN_NOTICED
[docs] def is_in_seen(self): """Return True if Message is incoming, noticed and has been seen. Eg. chat opened but message not yet read - noticed messages are not counted as unread but were not marked as read nor resulted in MDNs. """ return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_IN_SEEN
[docs] def is_outgoing(self): """Return True if Message is outgoing.""" return lib.dc_msg_get_state(self._dc_msg) in ( const.DC_STATE_OUT_PREPARING, const.DC_STATE_OUT_PENDING, const.DC_STATE_OUT_FAILED, const.DC_STATE_OUT_MDN_RCVD, const.DC_STATE_OUT_DELIVERED, )
[docs] def is_out_preparing(self): """Return True if Message is outgoing, but its file is being prepared.""" return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_OUT_PREPARING
[docs] def is_out_pending(self): """Return True if Message is outgoing, but is pending (no single checkmark).""" return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_OUT_PENDING
[docs] def is_out_failed(self): """Return True if Message is unrecoverably failed.""" return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_OUT_FAILED
[docs] def is_out_delivered(self): """Return True if Message was successfully delivered to the server (one checkmark). Note, that already delivered messages may get into the state is_out_failed(). """ return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_OUT_DELIVERED
[docs] def is_out_mdn_received(self): """Return True if message was marked as read by the recipient(s) (two checkmarks; this requires goodwill on the receiver's side). If a sent message changes to this state, you'll receive the event DC_EVENT_MSG_READ. """ return self._msgstate == const.DC_STATE_OUT_MDN_RCVD
# # Message type query methods # @property def _view_type(self): assert > 0 return lib.dc_msg_get_viewtype(self._dc_msg)
[docs] def is_text(self): """return True if it's a text message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_TEXT
[docs] def is_image(self): """return True if it's an image message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_IMAGE
[docs] def is_gif(self): """return True if it's a gif message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_GIF
[docs] def is_sticker(self): """return True if it's a sticker message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_STICKER
[docs] def is_audio(self): """return True if it's an audio message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_AUDIO
[docs] def is_video(self): """return True if it's a video message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_VIDEO
[docs] def is_videochat_invitation(self): """return True if it's a videochat invitation message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_VIDEOCHAT_INVITATION
[docs] def is_webxdc(self): """return True if it's a Webxdc message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_WEBXDC
[docs] def is_file(self): """return True if it's a file message.""" return self._view_type == const.DC_MSG_FILE
[docs] def mark_seen(self): """mark this message as seen.""" self.account.mark_seen_messages([])
# # Message download state # @property def download_state(self): assert > 0 # load message from db to get a fresh/current state dc_msg = ffi.gc(lib.dc_get_msg(self.account._dc_context,, lib.dc_msg_unref) # Message could be trashed, use the cached object if so. if dc_msg == ffi.NULL: dc_msg = self._dc_msg return lib.dc_msg_get_download_state(dc_msg) def download_full(self) -> None: lib.dc_download_full_msg(self.account._dc_context,
# some code for handling DC_MSG_* view types _view_type_mapping = { "text": const.DC_MSG_TEXT, "image": const.DC_MSG_IMAGE, "gif": const.DC_MSG_GIF, "audio": const.DC_MSG_AUDIO, "video": const.DC_MSG_VIDEO, "file": const.DC_MSG_FILE, "sticker": const.DC_MSG_STICKER, "videochat": const.DC_MSG_VIDEOCHAT_INVITATION, "webxdc": const.DC_MSG_WEBXDC, } def get_viewtype_code_from_name(view_type_name): code = _view_type_mapping.get(view_type_name) if code is not None: return code raise ValueError( f"message typecode not found for {view_type_name!r}, available {list(_view_type_mapping.keys())!r}", ) # # some helper code for turning system messages into hook events # def map_system_message(msg): if msg.is_system_message(): res = parse_system_add_remove(msg.text) if not res: return None action, affected, actor = res affected = msg.account.get_contact_by_addr(affected) actor = None if actor == "me" else msg.account.get_contact_by_addr(actor) d = {"chat":, "contact": affected, "actor": actor, "message": msg} return "ac_member_" + res[0], d def extract_addr(text): m = re.match(r".*\((.+@.+)\)", text) if m: text = text = text.rstrip(".") return text.strip() def parse_system_add_remove(text): """return add/remove info from parsing the given system message text. returns a (action, affected, actor) triple """ # You removed member a@b. # You added member a@b. # Member Me (x@y) removed by a@b. # Member x@y added by a@b # Member With space ( removed by # Member With space ( removed by Another member (", # Group left by some one ( # Group left by text = text.lower() m = re.match(r"member (.+) (removed|added) by (.+)", text) if m: affected, action, actor = m.groups() return action, extract_addr(affected), extract_addr(actor) m = re.match(r"you (removed|added) member (.+)", text) if m: action, affected = m.groups() return action, extract_addr(affected), "me" if text.startswith("group left by "): addr = extract_addr(text[13:]) if addr: return "removed", addr, addr