To use JSON-RPC bindings for Delta Chat core you will need a deltachat-rpc-server binary which provides Delta Chat core API over JSON-RPC and a deltachat-rpc-client Python package which is a JSON-RPC client that starts deltachat-rpc-server process and uses JSON-RPC API.

Create a virtual environment if you don’t have one already and activate it:

$ python -m venv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate

Install deltachat-rpc-server

To get deltachat-rpc-server binary you have three options:

  1. Install deltachat-rpc-server from PyPI using pip install deltachat-rpc-server.

  2. Build and install deltachat-rpc-server from source with cargo install --git deltachat-rpc-server.

  3. Download prebuilt release from and install it into PATH.

Check that deltachat-rpc-server is installed and can run:

$ deltachat-rpc-server --version

Then install deltachat-rpc-client with pip install deltachat-rpc-client.

Install deltachat-rpc-client

To get deltachat-rpc-client Python library you can:

  1. Install deltachat-rpc-client from PyPI using pip install deltachat-rpc-client.

  2. Install deltachat-rpc-client from source with pip install git+