Source code for deltachat

import sys

from . import capi, const, hookspec # noqa
from .capi import ffi  # noqa
from .account import Account, get_core_info  # noqa
from .message import Message  # noqa
from .contact import Contact  # noqa
from .chat import Chat        # noqa
from .hookspec import account_hookimpl, global_hookimpl  # noqa
from . import events

from pkg_resources import get_distribution, DistributionNotFound
    __version__ = get_distribution(__name__).version
except DistributionNotFound:
    # package is not installed
    __version__ = "0.0.0.dev0-unknown"

def get_dc_event_name(integer, _DC_EVENTNAME_MAP={}):
    if not _DC_EVENTNAME_MAP:
        for name in dir(const):
            if name.startswith("DC_EVENT_"):
                _DC_EVENTNAME_MAP[getattr(const, name)] = name
    return _DC_EVENTNAME_MAP[integer]

[docs]def register_global_plugin(plugin): """ Register a global plugin which implements one or more of the :class:`deltachat.hookspec.Global` hooks. """ gm = hookspec.Global._get_plugin_manager() gm.register(plugin) gm.check_pending()
def unregister_global_plugin(plugin): gm = hookspec.Global._get_plugin_manager() gm.unregister(plugin) register_global_plugin(events) def run_cmdline(argv=None, account_plugins=None): """ Run a simple default command line app, registering the specified account plugins. """ import argparse if argv is None: argv = sys.argv parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog=argv[0] if argv else None) parser.add_argument("db", action="store", help="database file") parser.add_argument("--show-ffi", action="store_true", help="show low level ffi events") parser.add_argument("--email", action="store", help="email address") parser.add_argument("--password", action="store", help="password") args = parser.parse_args(argv[1:]) ac = Account(args.db) if args.show_ffi: ac.set_config("displayname", "bot") log = events.FFIEventLogger(ac) ac.add_account_plugin(log) for plugin in account_plugins or []: print("adding plugin", plugin) ac.add_account_plugin(plugin) if not ac.is_configured(): assert and args.password, ( "you must specify --email and --password once to configure this database/account" ) ac.set_config("addr", ac.set_config("mail_pw", args.password) ac.set_config("mvbox_move", "0") ac.set_config("sentbox_watch", "0") ac.set_config("bot", "1") configtracker = ac.configure() configtracker.wait_finish() # start IO threads and configure if neccessary ac.start_io() print("{}: waiting for message".format(ac.get_config("addr"))) ac.wait_shutdown()