Source code for deltachat.hookspec

"""Hooks for Python bindings to Delta Chat Core Rust CFFI."""

import pluggy

account_spec_name = "deltachat-account"
account_hookspec = pluggy.HookspecMarker(account_spec_name)
account_hookimpl = pluggy.HookimplMarker(account_spec_name)

global_spec_name = "deltachat-global"
global_hookspec = pluggy.HookspecMarker(global_spec_name)
global_hookimpl = pluggy.HookimplMarker(global_spec_name)

[docs] class PerAccount: """per-Account-instance hook specifications. All hooks are executed in a dedicated Event thread. Hooks are generally not allowed to block/last long as this blocks overall event processing on the python side. """ @classmethod def _make_plugin_manager(cls): pm = pluggy.PluginManager(account_spec_name) pm.add_hookspecs(cls) return pm
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_process_ffi_event(self, ffi_event): """process a CFFI low level events for a given account. ffi_event has "name", "data1", "data2" values as specified with `DC_EVENT_* <>`_. """
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_log_line(self, message): """log a message related to the account."""
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_configure_completed(self, success, comment): """Called after a configure process completed."""
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_incoming_message(self, message): """Called on any incoming message (both existing chats and contact requests)."""
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_outgoing_message(self, message): """Called on each outgoing message (both system and "normal")."""
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_reactions_changed(self, message): """Called when message reactions changed."""
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_message_delivered(self, message): """Called when an outgoing message has been delivered to SMTP. :param message: Message that was just delivered. """
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_chat_modified(self, chat): """Chat was created or modified regarding membership, avatar, title. :param chat: Chat which was modified. """
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_member_added(self, chat, contact, actor, message): """Called for each contact added to an accepted chat. :param chat: Chat where contact was added. :param contact: Contact that was added. :param actor: Who added the contact (None if it was our self-addr) :param message: The original system message that reports the addition. """
[docs] @account_hookspec def ac_member_removed(self, chat, contact, actor, message): """Called for each contact removed from a chat. :param chat: Chat where contact was removed. :param contact: Contact that was removed. :param actor: Who removed the contact (None if it was our self-addr) :param message: The original system message that reports the removal. """
[docs] class Global: """global hook specifications using a per-process singleton plugin manager instance. """ _plugin_manager = None @classmethod def _get_plugin_manager(cls): if cls._plugin_manager is None: cls._plugin_manager = pm = pluggy.PluginManager(global_spec_name) pm.add_hookspecs(cls) return cls._plugin_manager
[docs] @global_hookspec def dc_account_init(self, account): """called when `Account::__init__()` function starts executing."""
[docs] @global_hookspec def dc_account_extra_configure(self, account): """Called when account configuration successfully finished. This hook can be used to perform extra work before ac_configure_completed is called. """
[docs] @global_hookspec def dc_account_after_shutdown(self, account): """Called after the account has been shutdown."""