Source code for deltachat.account

""" Account class implementation. """

from __future__ import print_function
import threading
import os
import re
import time
from array import array
    from queue import Queue, Empty
except ImportError:
    from Queue import Queue, Empty

import deltachat
from . import const
from .capi import ffi, lib
from .cutil import as_dc_charpointer, from_dc_charpointer, iter_array, DCLot
from .chatting import Contact, Chat, Message

[docs]class Account(object): """ Each account is tied to a sqlite database file which is fully managed by the underlying deltachat c-library. All public Account methods are meant to be memory-safe and return memory-safe objects. """ def __init__(self, db_path, logid=None, eventlogging=True): """ initialize account object. :param db_path: a path to the account database. The database will be created if it doesn't exist. :param logid: an optional logging prefix that should be used with the default internal logging. :param eventlogging: if False no eventlogging and no context callback will be configured """ self._dc_context = ffi.gc( lib.dc_context_new(lib.py_dc_callback, ffi.NULL, ffi.NULL), _destroy_dc_context, ) if eventlogging: self._evlogger = EventLogger(self._dc_context, logid) deltachat.set_context_callback(self._dc_context, self._process_event) self._threads = IOThreads(self._dc_context, self._evlogger._log_event) else: self._threads = IOThreads(self._dc_context) if hasattr(db_path, "encode"): db_path = db_path.encode("utf8") if not lib.dc_open(self._dc_context, db_path, ffi.NULL): raise ValueError("Could not dc_open: {}".format(db_path)) self._configkeys = self.get_config("sys.config_keys").split() self._imex_completed = threading.Event() def __del__(self): self.shutdown() def _check_config_key(self, name): if name not in self._configkeys: raise KeyError("{!r} not a valid config key, existing keys: {!r}".format( name, self._configkeys))
[docs] def get_info(self): """ return dictionary of built config parameters. """ lines = from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_get_info(self._dc_context)) d = {} for line in lines.split("\n"): if not line.strip(): continue key, value = line.split("=", 1) d[key.lower()] = value return d
[docs] def set_config(self, name, value): """ set configuration values. :param name: config key name (unicode) :param value: value to set (unicode) :returns: None """ self._check_config_key(name) name = name.encode("utf8") value = value.encode("utf8") if name == b"addr" and self.is_configured(): raise ValueError("can not change 'addr' after account is configured.") lib.dc_set_config(self._dc_context, name, value)
[docs] def get_config(self, name): """ return unicode string value. :param name: configuration key to lookup (eg "addr" or "mail_pw") :returns: unicode value :raises: KeyError if no config value was found. """ if name != "sys.config_keys": self._check_config_key(name) name = name.encode("utf8") res = lib.dc_get_config(self._dc_context, name) assert res != ffi.NULL, "config value not found for: {!r}".format(name) return from_dc_charpointer(res)
[docs] def configure(self, **kwargs): """ set config values and configure this account. :param kwargs: name=value config settings for this account. values need to be unicode. :returns: None """ for name, value in kwargs.items(): self.set_config(name, value) lib.dc_configure(self._dc_context)
[docs] def is_configured(self): """ determine if the account is configured already; an initial connection to SMTP/IMAP has been verified. :returns: True if account is configured. """ return lib.dc_is_configured(self._dc_context)
[docs] def check_is_configured(self): """ Raise ValueError if this account is not configured. """ if not self.is_configured(): raise ValueError("need to configure first")
[docs] def get_infostring(self): """ return info of the configured account. """ self.check_is_configured() return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_get_info(self._dc_context))
[docs] def get_blobdir(self): """ return the directory for files. All sent files are copied to this directory if necessary. Place files there directly to avoid copying. """ return from_dc_charpointer(lib.dc_get_blobdir(self._dc_context))
[docs] def get_self_contact(self): """ return this account's identity as a :class:`deltachat.chatting.Contact`. :returns: :class:`deltachat.chatting.Contact` """ self.check_is_configured() return Contact(self._dc_context, const.DC_CONTACT_ID_SELF)
[docs] def create_contact(self, email, name=None): """ create a (new) Contact. If there already is a Contact with that e-mail address, it is unblocked and its name is updated. :param email: email-address (text type) :param name: display name for this contact (optional) :returns: :class:`deltachat.chatting.Contact` instance. """ name = as_dc_charpointer(name) email = as_dc_charpointer(email) contact_id = lib.dc_create_contact(self._dc_context, name, email) assert contact_id > const.DC_CHAT_ID_LAST_SPECIAL return Contact(self._dc_context, contact_id)
[docs] def delete_contact(self, contact): """ delete a Contact. :param contact: contact object obtained :returns: True if deletion succeeded (contact was deleted) """ contact_id = assert contact._dc_context == self._dc_context assert contact_id > const.DC_CHAT_ID_LAST_SPECIAL return bool(lib.dc_delete_contact(self._dc_context, contact_id))
[docs] def get_contacts(self, query=None, with_self=False, only_verified=False): """ get a (filtered) list of contacts. :param query: if a string is specified, only return contacts whose name or e-mail matches query. :param only_verified: if true only return verified contacts. :param with_self: if true the self-contact is also returned. :returns: list of :class:`deltachat.chatting.Contact` objects. """ flags = 0 query = as_dc_charpointer(query) if only_verified: flags |= const.DC_GCL_VERIFIED_ONLY if with_self: flags |= const.DC_GCL_ADD_SELF dc_array = ffi.gc( lib.dc_get_contacts(self._dc_context, flags, query), lib.dc_array_unref ) return list(iter_array(dc_array, lambda x: Contact(self._dc_context, x)))
[docs] def create_chat_by_contact(self, contact): """ create or get an existing 1:1 chat object for the specified contact or contact id. :param contact: chat_id (int) or contact object. :returns: a :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` object. """ if hasattr(contact, "id"): if contact._dc_context != self._dc_context: raise ValueError("Contact belongs to a different Account") contact_id = else: assert isinstance(contact, int) contact_id = contact chat_id = lib.dc_create_chat_by_contact_id(self._dc_context, contact_id) return Chat(self, chat_id)
[docs] def create_chat_by_message(self, message): """ create or get an existing chat object for the the specified message. :param message: messsage id or message instance. :returns: a :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` object. """ if hasattr(message, "id"): if self._dc_context != message._dc_context: raise ValueError("Message belongs to a different Account") msg_id = else: assert isinstance(message, int) msg_id = message chat_id = lib.dc_create_chat_by_msg_id(self._dc_context, msg_id) return Chat(self, chat_id)
[docs] def create_group_chat(self, name, verified=False): """ create a new group chat object. Chats are unpromoted until the first message is sent. :param verified: if true only verified contacts can be added. :returns: a :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` object. """ bytes_name = name.encode("utf8") chat_id = lib.dc_create_group_chat(self._dc_context, int(verified), bytes_name) return Chat(self, chat_id)
[docs] def get_chats(self): """ return list of chats. :returns: a list of :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` objects. """ dc_chatlist = ffi.gc( lib.dc_get_chatlist(self._dc_context, 0, ffi.NULL, 0), lib.dc_chatlist_unref ) assert dc_chatlist != ffi.NULL chatlist = [] for i in range(0, lib.dc_chatlist_get_cnt(dc_chatlist)): chat_id = lib.dc_chatlist_get_chat_id(dc_chatlist, i) chatlist.append(Chat(self, chat_id)) return chatlist
def get_deaddrop_chat(self): return Chat(self, const.DC_CHAT_ID_DEADDROP)
[docs] def get_message_by_id(self, msg_id): """ return Message instance. """ return Message.from_db(self, msg_id)
[docs] def mark_seen_messages(self, messages): """ mark the given set of messages as seen. :param messages: a list of message ids or Message instances. """ arr = array("i") for msg in messages: msg = getattr(msg, "id", msg) arr.append(msg) msg_ids = ffi.cast("uint32_t*", ffi.from_buffer(arr)) lib.dc_markseen_msgs(self._dc_context, msg_ids, len(messages))
[docs] def forward_messages(self, messages, chat): """ Forward list of messages to a chat. :param messages: list of :class:`deltachat.message.Message` object. :param chat: :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` object. :returns: None """ msg_ids = [ for msg in messages] lib.dc_forward_msgs(self._dc_context, msg_ids, len(msg_ids),
[docs] def delete_messages(self, messages): """ delete messages (local and remote). :param messages: list of :class:`deltachat.message.Message` object. :returns: None """ msg_ids = [ for msg in messages] lib.dc_delete_msgs(self._dc_context, msg_ids, len(msg_ids))
[docs] def export_to_dir(self, backupdir): """return after all delta chat state is exported to a new file in the specified directory. """ snap_files = os.listdir(backupdir) self._imex_completed.clear() lib.dc_imex(self._dc_context, 11, as_dc_charpointer(backupdir), ffi.NULL) if not self._threads.is_started(): lib.dc_perform_imap_jobs(self._dc_context) self._imex_completed.wait() for x in os.listdir(backupdir): if x not in snap_files: return os.path.join(backupdir, x)
[docs] def import_from_file(self, path): """import delta chat state from the specified backup file. The account must be in unconfigured state for import to attempted. """ assert not self.is_configured(), "cannot import into configured account" self._imex_completed.clear() lib.dc_imex(self._dc_context, 12, as_dc_charpointer(path), ffi.NULL) if not self._threads.is_started(): lib.dc_perform_imap_jobs(self._dc_context) self._imex_completed.wait()
[docs] def initiate_key_transfer(self): """return setup code after a Autocrypt setup message has been successfully sent to our own e-mail address ("self-sent message"). If sending out was unsuccessful, a RuntimeError is raised. """ self.check_is_configured() if not self._threads.is_started(): raise RuntimeError("threads not running, can not send out") res = lib.dc_initiate_key_transfer(self._dc_context) if res == ffi.NULL: raise RuntimeError("could not send out autocrypt setup message") return from_dc_charpointer(res)
[docs] def get_setup_contact_qr(self): """ get/create Setup-Contact QR Code as ascii-string. this string needs to be transferred to another DC account in a second channel (typically used by mobiles with QRcode-show + scan UX) where qr_setup_contact(qr) is called. """ res = lib.dc_get_securejoin_qr(self._dc_context, 0) return from_dc_charpointer(res)
[docs] def check_qr(self, qr): """ check qr code and return :class:`ScannedQRCode` instance representing the result""" res = ffi.gc( lib.dc_check_qr(self._dc_context, as_dc_charpointer(qr)), lib.dc_lot_unref ) lot = DCLot(res) if lot.state() == const.DC_QR_ERROR: raise ValueError("invalid or unknown QR code: {}".format(lot.text1())) return ScannedQRCode(lot)
[docs] def qr_setup_contact(self, qr): """ setup contact and return a Chat after contact is established. Note that this function may block for a long time as messages are exchanged with the emitter of the QR code. On success a :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` instance is returned. :param qr: valid "setup contact" QR code (all other QR codes will result in an exception) """ assert self.check_qr(qr).is_ask_verifycontact() chat_id = lib.dc_join_securejoin(self._dc_context, as_dc_charpointer(qr)) if chat_id == 0: raise ValueError("could not setup secure contact") return Chat(self, chat_id)
[docs] def qr_join_chat(self, qr): """ join a chat group through a QR code. Note that this function may block for a long time as messages are exchanged with the emitter of the QR code. On success a :class:`deltachat.chatting.Chat` instance is returned which is the chat that we just joined. :param qr: valid "join-group" QR code (all other QR codes will result in an exception) """ assert self.check_qr(qr).is_ask_verifygroup() chat_id = lib.dc_join_securejoin(self._dc_context, as_dc_charpointer(qr)) if chat_id == 0: raise ValueError("could not join group") return Chat(self, chat_id)
# # meta API for start/stop and event based processing #
[docs] def wait_next_incoming_message(self): """ wait for and return next incoming message. """ ev = self._evlogger.get_matching("DC_EVENT_INCOMING_MSG") return self.get_message_by_id(ev[2])
[docs] def start_threads(self, mvbox=False, sentbox=False): """ start IMAP/SMTP threads (and configure account if it hasn't happened). :raises: ValueError if 'addr' or 'mail_pw' are not configured. :returns: None """ if not self.is_configured(): self.configure() self._threads.start(mvbox=mvbox, sentbox=sentbox)
[docs] def stop_threads(self, wait=True): """ stop IMAP/SMTP threads. """ lib.dc_stop_ongoing_process(self._dc_context) self._threads.stop(wait=wait)
[docs] def shutdown(self, wait=True): """ stop threads and close and remove underlying dc_context and callbacks. """ if hasattr(self, "_dc_context") and hasattr(self, "_threads"): # print("SHUTDOWN", self) self.stop_threads(wait=False) lib.dc_close(self._dc_context) self.stop_threads(wait=wait) # to wait for threads deltachat.clear_context_callback(self._dc_context) del self._dc_context
def _process_event(self, ctx, evt_name, data1, data2): assert ctx == self._dc_context if hasattr(self, "_evlogger"): self._evlogger(evt_name, data1, data2) method = getattr(self, "on_" + evt_name.lower(), None) if method is not None: method(data1, data2) return 0 def on_dc_event_imex_progress(self, data1, data2): if data1 == 1000: self._imex_completed.set()
class IOThreads: def __init__(self, dc_context, log_event=lambda *args: None): self._dc_context = dc_context self._thread_quitflag = False self._name2thread = {} self._log_event = log_event def is_started(self): return len(self._name2thread) > 0 def start(self, imap=True, smtp=True, mvbox=False, sentbox=False): assert not self.is_started() if imap: self._start_one_thread("inbox", self.imap_thread_run) if mvbox: self._start_one_thread("mvbox", self.mvbox_thread_run) if sentbox: self._start_one_thread("sentbox", self.sentbox_thread_run) if smtp: self._start_one_thread("smtp", self.smtp_thread_run) def _start_one_thread(self, name, func): self._name2thread[name] = t = threading.Thread(target=func, name=name) t.setDaemon(1) t.start() def stop(self, wait=False): self._thread_quitflag = True lib.dc_interrupt_imap_idle(self._dc_context) lib.dc_interrupt_smtp_idle(self._dc_context) lib.dc_interrupt_mvbox_idle(self._dc_context) lib.dc_interrupt_sentbox_idle(self._dc_context) if wait: for name, thread in self._name2thread.items(): thread.join() def imap_thread_run(self): self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "INBOX THREAD START") while not self._thread_quitflag: lib.dc_perform_imap_jobs(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_imap_fetch(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_imap_idle(self._dc_context) self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "INBOX THREAD FINISHED") def mvbox_thread_run(self): self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "MVBOX THREAD START") while not self._thread_quitflag: lib.dc_perform_mvbox_jobs(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_mvbox_fetch(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_mvbox_idle(self._dc_context) self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "MVBOX THREAD FINISHED") def sentbox_thread_run(self): self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "SENTBOX THREAD START") while not self._thread_quitflag: lib.dc_perform_sentbox_jobs(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_sentbox_fetch(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_sentbox_idle(self._dc_context) self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "SENTBOX THREAD FINISHED") def smtp_thread_run(self): self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "SMTP THREAD START") while not self._thread_quitflag: lib.dc_perform_smtp_jobs(self._dc_context) lib.dc_perform_smtp_idle(self._dc_context) self._log_event("py-bindings-info", 0, "SMTP THREAD FINISHED") class EventLogger: _loglock = threading.RLock() def __init__(self, dc_context, logid=None, debug=True): self._dc_context = dc_context self._event_queue = Queue() self._debug = debug if logid is None: logid = str(self._dc_context).strip(">").split()[-1] self.logid = logid self._timeout = None self.init_time = time.time() def __call__(self, evt_name, data1, data2): self._log_event(evt_name, data1, data2) self._event_queue.put((evt_name, data1, data2)) def set_timeout(self, timeout): self._timeout = timeout def consume_events(self, check_error=True): while not self._event_queue.empty(): self.get() def get(self, timeout=None, check_error=True): timeout = timeout or self._timeout ev = self._event_queue.get(timeout=timeout) if check_error and ev[0] == "DC_EVENT_ERROR": raise ValueError("{}({!r},{!r})".format(*ev)) return ev def ensure_event_not_queued(self, event_name_regex): __tracebackhide__ = True rex = re.compile("(?:{}).*".format(event_name_regex)) while 1: try: ev = self._event_queue.get(False) except Empty: break else: assert not rex.match(ev[0]), "event found {}".format(ev) def get_matching(self, event_name_regex, check_error=True): self._log("-- waiting for event with regex: {} --".format(event_name_regex)) rex = re.compile("(?:{}).*".format(event_name_regex)) while 1: ev = self.get() if rex.match(ev[0]): return ev def get_info_matching(self, regex): rex = re.compile("(?:{}).*".format(regex)) while 1: ev = self.get_matching("DC_EVENT_INFO") if rex.match(ev[2]): return ev def _log_event(self, evt_name, data1, data2): # don't show events that are anyway empty impls now if evt_name == "DC_EVENT_GET_STRING": return if self._debug: evpart = "{}({!r},{!r})".format(evt_name, data1, data2) self._log(evpart) def _log(self, msg): t = threading.currentThread() tname = getattr(t, "name", t) if tname == "MainThread": tname = "MAIN" with self._loglock: print("{:2.2f} [{}-{}] {}".format(time.time() - self.init_time, tname, self.logid, msg)) def _destroy_dc_context(dc_context, dc_context_unref=lib.dc_context_unref): # destructor for dc_context dc_context_unref(dc_context) try: deltachat.clear_context_callback(dc_context) except (TypeError, AttributeError): # we are deep into Python Interpreter shutdown, # so no need to clear the callback context mapping. pass class ScannedQRCode: def __init__(self, dc_lot): self._dc_lot = dc_lot def is_ask_verifycontact(self): return self._dc_lot.state() == const.DC_QR_ASK_VERIFYCONTACT def is_ask_verifygroup(self): return self._dc_lot.state() == const.DC_QR_ASK_VERIFYGROUP @property def contact_id(self): return