Source code for deltachat_rpc_client.message

import json
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional, Union

from ._utils import AttrDict, futuremethod
from .const import EventType
from .contact import Contact

    from .account import Account
    from .rpc import Rpc

[docs] @dataclass class Message: """Delta Chat Message object.""" account: "Account" id: int @property def _rpc(self) -> "Rpc": return self.account._rpc
[docs] def send_reaction(self, *reaction: str) -> "Message": """Send a reaction to this message.""" msg_id = self._rpc.send_reaction(,, reaction) return Message(self.account, msg_id)
[docs] def get_snapshot(self) -> AttrDict: """Get a snapshot with the properties of this message.""" from .chat import Chat snapshot = AttrDict(self._rpc.get_message(, snapshot["chat"] = Chat(self.account, snapshot.chat_id) snapshot["sender"] = Contact(self.account, snapshot.from_id) snapshot["message"] = self return snapshot
[docs] def get_reactions(self) -> Optional[AttrDict]: """Get message reactions.""" reactions = self._rpc.get_message_reactions(, if reactions: return AttrDict(reactions) return None
def get_sender_contact(self) -> Contact: from_id = self.get_snapshot().from_id return self.account.get_contact_by_id(from_id)
[docs] def mark_seen(self) -> None: """Mark the message as seen.""" self._rpc.markseen_msgs(, [])
[docs] def send_webxdc_status_update(self, update: Union[dict, str], description: str) -> None: """Send a webxdc status update. This message must be a webxdc.""" if not isinstance(update, str): update = json.dumps(update) self._rpc.send_webxdc_status_update(,, update, description)
def get_webxdc_status_updates(self, last_known_serial: int = 0) -> list: return json.loads(self._rpc.get_webxdc_status_updates(,, last_known_serial)) def get_webxdc_info(self) -> dict: return self._rpc.get_webxdc_info(,
[docs] def wait_until_delivered(self) -> None: """Consume events until the message is delivered.""" while True: event = self.account.wait_for_event() if event.kind == EventType.MSG_DELIVERED and event.msg_id == break
@futuremethod def send_webxdc_realtime_advertisement(self): yield self._rpc.send_webxdc_realtime_advertisement.future(, @futuremethod def send_webxdc_realtime_data(self, data) -> None: yield self._rpc.send_webxdc_realtime_data.future(,, list(data))