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from __future__ import annotations

import calendar
from dataclasses import dataclass
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional, Union

from ._utils import AttrDict
from .const import ChatVisibility, ViewType
from .contact import Contact
from .message import Message

    from datetime import datetime

    from .account import Account
    from .rpc import Rpc

[docs] @dataclass class Chat: """Chat object which manages members and through which you can send and retrieve messages.""" account: "Account" id: int @property def _rpc(self) -> "Rpc": return self.account._rpc
[docs] def delete(self) -> None: """Delete this chat and all its messages. Note: - does not delete messages on server - the chat or contact is not blocked, new message will arrive """ self._rpc.delete_chat(,
[docs] def block(self) -> None: """Block this chat.""" self._rpc.block_chat(,
[docs] def accept(self) -> None: """Accept this contact request chat.""" self._rpc.accept_chat(,
[docs] def leave(self) -> None: """Leave this chat.""" self._rpc.leave_group(,
[docs] def mute(self, duration: Optional[int] = None) -> None: """Mute this chat, if a duration is not provided the chat is muted forever. :param duration: mute duration from now in seconds. Must be greater than zero. """ if duration is not None: assert duration > 0, "Invalid duration" dur: dict = {"kind": "Until", "duration": duration} else: dur = {"kind": "Forever"} self._rpc.set_chat_mute_duration(,, dur)
[docs] def unmute(self) -> None: """Unmute this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_mute_duration(,, {"kind": "NotMuted"})
[docs] def pin(self) -> None: """Pin this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_visibility(,, ChatVisibility.PINNED)
[docs] def unpin(self) -> None: """Unpin this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_visibility(,, ChatVisibility.NORMAL)
[docs] def archive(self) -> None: """Archive this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_visibility(,, ChatVisibility.ARCHIVED)
[docs] def unarchive(self) -> None: """Unarchive this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_visibility(,, ChatVisibility.NORMAL)
[docs] def set_name(self, name: str) -> None: """Set name of this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_name(,, name)
[docs] def set_ephemeral_timer(self, timer: int) -> None: """Set ephemeral timer of this chat in seconds. 0 means the timer is disabled, use 1 for immediate deletion.""" self._rpc.set_chat_ephemeral_timer(,, timer)
[docs] def get_encryption_info(self) -> str: """Return encryption info for this chat.""" return self._rpc.get_chat_encryption_info(,
[docs] def get_qr_code(self) -> tuple[str, str]: """Get Join-Group QR code text and SVG data.""" return self._rpc.get_chat_securejoin_qr_code_svg(,
[docs] def get_basic_snapshot(self) -> AttrDict: """Get a chat snapshot with basic info about this chat.""" info = self._rpc.get_basic_chat_info(, return AttrDict(chat=self, **info)
[docs] def get_full_snapshot(self) -> AttrDict: """Get a full snapshot of this chat.""" info = self._rpc.get_full_chat_by_id(, return AttrDict(chat=self, **info)
[docs] def can_send(self) -> bool: """Return true if messages can be sent to the chat.""" return self._rpc.can_send(,
[docs] def send_message( self, text: Optional[str] = None, html: Optional[str] = None, viewtype: Optional[ViewType] = None, file: Optional[str] = None, location: Optional[tuple[float, float]] = None, override_sender_name: Optional[str] = None, quoted_msg: Optional[Union[int, Message]] = None, ) -> Message: """Send a message and return the resulting Message instance.""" if isinstance(quoted_msg, Message): quoted_msg = draft = { "text": text, "html": html, "viewtype": viewtype, "file": file, "location": location, "overrideSenderName": override_sender_name, "quotedMessageId": quoted_msg, } msg_id = self._rpc.send_msg(,, draft) return Message(self.account, msg_id)
[docs] def send_text(self, text: str) -> Message: """Send a text message and return the resulting Message instance.""" msg_id = self._rpc.misc_send_text_message(,, text) return Message(self.account, msg_id)
[docs] def send_file(self, path): """Send a file and return the resulting Message instance.""" return self.send_message(file=path)
[docs] def send_videochat_invitation(self) -> Message: """Send a videochat invitation and return the resulting Message instance.""" msg_id = self._rpc.send_videochat_invitation(, return Message(self.account, msg_id)
[docs] def send_sticker(self, path: str) -> Message: """Send an sticker and return the resulting Message instance.""" msg_id = self._rpc.send_sticker(,, path) return Message(self.account, msg_id)
[docs] def forward_messages(self, messages: list[Message]) -> None: """Forward a list of messages to this chat.""" msg_ids = [ for msg in messages] self._rpc.forward_messages(, msg_ids,
[docs] def set_draft( self, text: Optional[str] = None, file: Optional[str] = None, quoted_msg: Optional[int] = None, viewtype: Optional[str] = None, ) -> None: """Set draft message.""" if isinstance(quoted_msg, Message): quoted_msg = self._rpc.misc_set_draft(,, text, file, quoted_msg, viewtype)
[docs] def remove_draft(self) -> None: """Remove draft message.""" self._rpc.remove_draft(,
[docs] def get_draft(self) -> Optional[AttrDict]: """Get draft message.""" snapshot = self._rpc.get_draft(, if not snapshot: return None snapshot = AttrDict(snapshot) snapshot["chat"] = Chat(self.account, snapshot.chat_id) snapshot["sender"] = Contact(self.account, snapshot.from_id) snapshot["message"] = Message(self.account, return snapshot
[docs] def get_messages(self, info_only: bool = False, add_daymarker: bool = False) -> list[Message]: """get the list of messages in this chat.""" msgs = self._rpc.get_message_ids(,, info_only, add_daymarker) return [Message(self.account, msg_id) for msg_id in msgs]
[docs] def get_fresh_message_count(self) -> int: """Get number of fresh messages in this chat""" return self._rpc.get_fresh_msg_cnt(,
[docs] def mark_noticed(self) -> None: """Mark all messages in this chat as noticed.""" self._rpc.marknoticed_chat(,
[docs] def add_contact(self, *contact: Union[int, str, Contact]) -> None: """Add contacts to this group.""" for cnt in contact: if isinstance(cnt, str): contact_id = self.account.create_contact(cnt).id elif not isinstance(cnt, int): contact_id = else: contact_id = cnt self._rpc.add_contact_to_chat(,, contact_id)
[docs] def remove_contact(self, *contact: Union[int, str, Contact]) -> None: """Remove members from this group.""" for cnt in contact: if isinstance(cnt, str): contact_id = self.account.create_contact(cnt).id elif not isinstance(cnt, int): contact_id = else: contact_id = cnt self._rpc.remove_contact_from_chat(,, contact_id)
[docs] def get_contacts(self) -> list[Contact]: """Get the contacts belonging to this chat. For single/direct chats self-address is not included. """ contacts = self._rpc.get_chat_contacts(, return [Contact(self.account, contact_id) for contact_id in contacts]
[docs] def set_image(self, path: str) -> None: """Set profile image of this chat. :param path: Full path of the image to use as the group image. """ self._rpc.set_chat_profile_image(,, path)
[docs] def remove_image(self) -> None: """Remove profile image of this chat.""" self._rpc.set_chat_profile_image(,, None)
[docs] def get_locations( self, contact: Optional[Contact] = None, timestamp_from: Optional["datetime"] = None, timestamp_to: Optional["datetime"] = None, ) -> list[AttrDict]: """Get list of location snapshots for the given contact in the given timespan.""" time_from = calendar.timegm(timestamp_from.utctimetuple()) if timestamp_from else 0 time_to = calendar.timegm(timestamp_to.utctimetuple()) if timestamp_to else 0 contact_id = if contact else 0 result = self._rpc.get_locations(,, contact_id, time_from, time_to) locations = [] contacts: dict[int, Contact] = {} for loc in result: location = AttrDict(loc) location["chat"] = self location["contact"] = contacts.setdefault(location.contact_id, Contact(self.account, location.contact_id)) location["message"] = Message(self.account, location.msg_id) locations.append(location) return locations
[docs] def send_contact(self, contact: Contact): """Send contact to the chat.""" vcard = contact.make_vcard() with NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=".vcard") as f: f.write(vcard.encode()) f.flush() self._rpc.send_msg(,, {"viewtype": ViewType.VCARD, "file":})