Playing around on the commandline

Once you have installed deltachat bindings you can start playing from the python interpreter commandline. For example you can type python and then:

# instantiate and configure deltachat account
import deltachat
ac = deltachat.Account("/tmp/db")

# start configuration activity and smtp/imap threads
ac.configure(addr="test2@hq5.merlinux.eu", mail_pw="********")

# create a contact and send a message
contact = ac.create_contact("someother@email.address")
chat = ac.create_chat_by_contact(contact)
chat.send_text("hi from the python interpreter command line")

Checkout our high level API reference for the various high-level things you can do to send/receive messages, create contacts and chats.

Looking at a real example

The deltabot repository contains a real-life example of Python bindings usage.